RBA Initiative AMR School Clubs cited as the positive example during the United Nations High-level Interactive Dialogue on Antimicrobial Resistance

In a high-level meeting of the United Nations (UN) on antimicrobial resistance(AMR) conducted on 29 April 2021, Professor Dame Sally Davies, UK AMR Envoy and former Chief Medical Officer for England referred to the school clubs project in Dodoma Tanzania as an important example of creative, community-focused support. The project is being implemented by the RBA Initiative in Dodoma.

''We can look to communities that are learning and sharing best practices like the creative school clubs educating children about superbugs in Dodoma, Tanzania'' she said. Video link https://youtu.be/v_auNJmjNEI.

Getting used as an example of exemplary practice at the recent UN meeting (https://www.un.org/pga/75/antimicrobial-resistance/) is a real accolade to the hard work, commitment and impact the team at RBA-Initiative has been pioneering to engage youth in containing AMR. It ensures the latest scientific evidence is used to work with local people to change local behaviors relating to the appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs. If we do not all act now, then as many as 10 million people will needlessly die around the world each year, because of this silent pandemic.

Watch the full streaming video of the High-Level Dialogue on AMR conducted on 29 April 2021 (https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1lPKqXdZwlwxb)

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